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Australia Visa Choice will assist you through the visa consulting process, to ensure that you successfully immigrate to Australia with the best visa for your specific situation. Our company will help you attain your goal by helping you with decision on which visa to apply for, assisting you with your points test and with drafting documents, lodging your application, providing evidence, liaising with the Department of Immigration and following the progress of your application which will make your immigration easy.

Immigration to Australia is a dream for many people, and for those already living here attaining permanent residency is usually the next step and our experienced immigration agents will guide you to achieve this.

Choosing a migration agent is always a very important and critical decision, you need to be more careful while you are deciding to apply for a visa on your own or to address this important process to people who are knowledgeable and experienced. Our professional staff is dealing with the Australian Migration Law on daily basis and with accordance to the Professional Standards set in the Code of Conduct.

All applications for migration to Australia are assessed against requirements set out in the Migration Act (1958) and Migration Regulations (1994).There are different criteria for different categories of visas and the criteria are established to meet Australia’s national interests and needs. The Government determines the criteria and sets the number of people who can enter under the programme on an annual basis. The policies and legislation governing migrant selection are applied equally to all applicants.

Australian visa system is complex. It is not a surprise that skilled migration is dependent on an Australian economy, therefore migration laws and regulations are constantly changing to reflect needs of an Australian jobs market. Minor changes in migration regulations are happening every couple of weeks, major ones – at least once a year. This trend can be seen in changes to the Skilled Occupation List(SOL), Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List(CSOL), state nominations and represented in current example of 482 visa.

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We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.

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