Costs and Fees

Costs and Fees

Immigration assistance is when a registered migration agent:

  • advises you on the visa that best suits you;
  • tells you the documents you need to submit with your application;
  • helps you fill in the application form and submit it; and
  • communicates with the department on your behalf.

Registered migration agents usually charge fees for their services. The initial amount will vary in each case. The average amount for different types of visa could be found on the MARA website. As the registered migration agent we cannot influence or determine the outcome of your application or fast-track its processing.

After an initial assessment Australia Visa Choice will provide you with advice in writing:

  1. as to your prospects of success;
  2. the services to be performed;
  3. the fees for the services; and
  4. the disbursements (expenses) that likely to incur as part of the services.

To engage Migration Agent you have to follow the next procedure:

  • Agree on type of the visa you would like to apply.
  • Sign an agreement with your migration agent. Agreement will include bank details where total amount should be transferred and will stay until the conditions of the contract will be finalised.
  • Transfer agreed amount to Agent’s Client Account. Your agent can clear his/her fee from trust account only after all conditions of the contract/agreement will be fulfilled.

Please be aware, amount will depend from the visa class you wish to apply. Other additional fees might be: accreditation of your qualification, application for sponsor’s approval and translation of documents and also the cost for medical examination and police clearance.

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